Access Request for SAP

Access Request for SAP: The traditional process for user creation in the SAP System is through an email or ticketing system. This process does not have any tracking or accountability.

Disorganized SAP User access Controls request eventually shows up in the employee productivity.
When a new user is waiting for approvals and verifying access rights often means users are unable to utilize SAP systems for days.

Worse, inappropriate user access goes unchecked, exposing the organization to greater risks of fraud.
The Audit risk with improper Access controls is you will not be able to track who approved the request and why it was approved.

Most of the time, email audit trail gets lost when the employee is no longer with the company or on vacation.

Access Request for SAP
Access Request for SAP

Access Request for SAP helps to meet these challenges, many companies are turning to automated user provisioning for SAP solutions. Access Request is the leading automated solution for user provisioning within SAP.

ACCESS PROVISIONING- SAP User Provisioning Made Easy

Access Controls Request makes adding, modifying or deleting users easy and quick while confirming with compliance policies of the company. Access incorporates tightly with the rest of our Access Risk suite, allowing SOD’s to be analyzed prior to submitting a request for approval. All parties who need to be involved, including employee who is the requestor, Functional owners, Role owners, and auditors/security administrators are involved in the approval process and the request follows a workflow process. Special approval can be captured for sensitive roles.

When an employee joins company or needs to change the access they can request access and track the progress of their request real time. No more blaming someone for not having access.

The user creation process is now transparent and verifiable by any user who has access to Access request system. All the approvals can be traced and traced quickly and easily

With the Access request in place the time it takes is drastically decreased and user productivity increased

Enable self-service functions such as change roles, adding roles, Password reset, approval status, locking account, unlocking account etc.,

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The Rule set provided with the Solution was very helpful and helped us identify the Sensitive Transaction and SOD Transactions.

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