How to browse SAP Tables for SAP Auditing

 Learning SAP Auditing and using this skill and using the Skill in SAP Customer to generate a report is not that easy.
Learning SAP GRC and SAP Security Skill is great as a first step in the process.
But what’s your next step?
Getting just hands-on experience in the SAP Security skill only is not enough anymore.
They aren’t interactive or engaging and based on the real-time scenario.
You can spend hours and hours reading material from Guide or video will not help you much

One of the good skill to have is to analyze the SAP Tables. The core transaction is SE16 and SE16N.

You can download the data to excel sheet and analyze them. SE16 and all the table browsing transaction are very sensitive as they can display information about the company.

All the information in SAP is stored in SAP Tables.  Some of the key skills you need to master are the following

Controlling the fields in the table  and Enabling and disabling the technical and field level descriptions


Controlling the table display width and Controlling the selection criteria for the data selection

Uploading multiple values in to the table field

Excluding the values in the selection criteria

using operators like greater than less than

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