Financial Loss due to Fraud Risk: Free Step by Step SAP Process Control Guide

“ Using the right kind of SAP Controls in the right way can be trans formative for any SAP System. ”
  • Focus on what matters: Reduced operating costs through standardization of testing, reporting, monitoring and documentation.
  • Reduce Compliance Cost: Reduced costs of managing compliance activities and reporting.

In this Guide you will discover:

The Ultimate Cost Savings 

It could reduce the cost of managing compliance and audit-related activities through a centralized, automated approach.

Make Your Control Work Anytime

It could improve the performance of business processes by implementing continuous monitoring techniques.

Practical, Step-by-Step Instructions

It could improve your visibility and control of risk across your business, also help enabling more effective allocation of resources.

Unlock Your Compliance Potential

Simplify control testing with a number of tools, ranging from the easy to use to the more advanced, as well as introduce more management by exception

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