SAP User Provisioning

Complete SAP Compliance view – Provide auditors with real-time Governance reports that detail what SAP Users are in your environment, who has access to them and when and why that access was granted and terminated. Experience a stress-free audit with our customizable reporting engine that gives you and the auditors what you need.

  • SAP Provisioning done right – Eliminate the manual mistakes by automating provisioning to any SAP ABAP Based systems.
  • SAP Access done right – Give control/ Responsibility of the SAP Security and compliance to End users and the process owners
  • Free up IT – Enhance SAP security and reduce SAP System administrator workload with user self-service for access. With ease of use and good training SAP users can provision themselves (when approved), request Additional SAP Roles and manage their entire SAP Access with ease.
  • Instant Compliance – Confidently meet the SOX compliance requirement of external and internal auditors with very minimal manual intervention. Now SAP system administrator can provide a single point of evidence information for all their access auditing
  • SAP Password Self Service –By integrating Privileged Password with Identity Manager, users can request, provision and attest to privileged and general user access within the same system

We consider ourselves as the only consultancy firm with hands on experience in auditing SAP Landscapes. Our consultants have worked for firms partnering with SAP GLAS (Global License Audit Services) on a global scale.

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The Rule set provided with the Solution was very helpful and helped us identify the Sensitive Transaction and SOD Transactions.

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